Amy Twiss Certified ThetaHealer


Amy I can't thank you enough for facilitating enormous life changes for me at all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. My physical healing alone has been miraculous, but I am also deeply grateful for the emotional healing and spiritual expansion afforded me through your profound NET and Theta Healing skills coupled with your passion for your work and the seamless integration of your powerful, intuitive and clairvoyant gifts. Thank you for being a beautiful, joyful light, and an invaluable source of healing, inspiration and guidance for me in this life experience. You are the only healer I completely trust. It is with pleasure and confidence that I very often recommend you to others including my own clients when they can clearly benefit from your many skills. The spaces you hold and take us to during sessions are consistently the places where healing happens. I would not be who I am today without your loving, generous, heart-based work.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Cathy R - Colorado Springs, CO

Amy’s beautiful spirit and essence have profoundly affected my life for the past 10 years through her compassion and caring, while utilizing her gift for mind-body healing. As I have moved through life’s journey, Amy has been there to work in partnership with me while masterfully utilizing N.E.T. and ThetaHealing. A few of the many areas Amy has helped me successfully transition through include:
- moving through the loss of loved ones
- weight loss, both the emotional and physical aspects that contributed to years of gain
- relationship challenges in the workplace, at school and with life in general
- focus, clarity and confidence with academic material to alleviate test anxiety
- resolving physical issues and addressing the related emotional components
As I have moved through life’s journey, Amy has nurtured my spiritual development and raised my awareness of the unlimited abundance the Universe provides. She had taught me to appreciate the lessons that come with situations I have drawn to myself, and to embrace the work accompanying my development as my life’s purpose continues to unfold.
Cynthia D. - Kansas City, KS

She made all my sadness go away!
Jordlyn W. (5 years old) – Wray, CO

A friend of mine told me about Amy. I was acquainted with two families that took their children to see her. I took my daughter to see Amy when she started showing signs that she wanted to stop a sport, but was unable to say “Enough, I want to do something else!” Amy’s guidance and strength helped my daughter gain confidence and trust herself to make decisions about what she really wanted. And that was only the beginning! Amy has been a life coach, guiding us both through tremendous changes in our lives. We have been truly blessed by this relationship. I continue to become a more secure, confident and successful woman, and as we walk into my daughter’s teenage years I know that she is emotionally grounded, connected and strong! I am grateful to Amy for helping us get to this place and look forward to our continued work and growth as we continue to move forward on this strong and healthy path.
Carolyn H. - Colorado Springs, CO

It is sometimes difficult to express in words the affect Amy Twiss has had on my life. My struggles with alcoholism endured for years even after I stopped drinking. Little things that constantly built up like frustrations with family relationships, inabilities to socialize with ease and grace, impatience with my children, complete lack of acceptance of situations I didn’t like. I had worked very hard at surrendering, fully accepting reality and growing spiritually, emotionally and mentally through the AA program and numerous spiritual books. Still I struggled on a daily basis. All of that struggle was dissolved within a few sessions with Amy. The things I had fought with for years were released within a few hours. Some of the changes I felt immediately. Then others, I began to notice over time, were no longer issues. I didn’t struggle to not drink. I didn’t struggle to be myself around my mother and others. Things that plagued me for years just were simply no longer an issue. I began to find true freedom. I would highly recommend Amy Twiss, and have, to anyone who has any issue, small or large. Anyone that is in the process of getting clean or sober must reach out for the additional help if they would truly like to know serenity. I have witnessed profound changes not only within myself, but in my skeptical husband, my troubled teenage son, and my angry nine-year-old son. My complete and sincere thanks to Amy for the work that she does and the growth she continues to undergo in order to help others. May God Bless.
Erika B. – Wray, CO

Class Testimonials

Amy, I am greatly appreciative of your superior performance in teaching the Advanced ThetaHealing™ class. Having taken the Basic class from another instructor, I must say the differences were night and day. You were so smoothly focused and so thoroughly attuned to every individual's energy and the class energy as a whole. You created a supportive, warm and inspiring environment where we were able to learn and experience all you were sharing and felt totally comfortable in exploring, uncovering and clearing our 'stuck' beliefs and downloading and integrating new beliefs that brought healing and empowerment. Your class was a life-changing event that continues to evolve new perspectives and understandings for me months later. I very much look forward to your next offering. You are a gift to your clients, your students and the ThetaHealing community. I often recommend your classes to my clients, telling them "not all ThetaHealing Practitioners and Instructors are created equal and I am fortunate to have experienced the best". You are genuinely a "cut above". Thank you so very much.
Cathy R. - Colorado Springs, CO

I had wonderful, hugs, breakthroughs during this Advanced Class. It was life changing! Your Manifesting class was very helpful because I learned that my beliefs have been hampering my ability to manifest abundance and we cleared those beliefs! I am looking forward to the journey! Thank you!
Carla Y. – Colorado Springs, CO

I enjoyed class! Your attitude, patience, and reassurance helped build my confidence!
Jody W. – Wray, CO

Amy brings knowledge, passion, motivation, love, support, and experience to the learning environment. She is exceptional at connecting and teaching children. Children are a true barometer of integrity and honesty. Thank your for bringing it all to us!

Great Fun! Amy effectively creates the bridge for a non-believer to become a Theta supporter. Amy is not tied to any specific dogma; therefore, she is open to all opinions and strategies. Very impressed with her ability to connect to my children. Thank you!
James and Flory H. – Brookfield, CT.

As a yoga teacher, through Amy's ThetaHealing™ classes, I have been able to expand my practice to a whole new level in energy. I've been able to hone my intuition to enrich my classes for my students. I have successfully performed healings on my dog, my friends and myself. Thank you for a fabulous class, for opening a whole new beautiful world and for all the ways you have enriched my life.
Thank You! Karen T. – Mexico

This Basic class was an amazing experience. For knowing zip, zero about ThetaHealing you introduced us wonderfully. I appreciate getting to meet you and witness your tremendous abilities. Your caring is contagious! I think I came to realize after class that all those “unexplained” experiences throughout my life actually had a name or can now be explained! Deb S – Yuma, CO

I was so enlightened because I didn’t know what to expect. I learned so much, especially about my belief systems, which were literally killing me. I am eager to learn more!
Sandra – Peetz, CO

I had some wonderful, huge breakthroughs during this class. This Advanced Class was life changing!
Carla Y. – Colorado Springs, CO

The Basic class had excellent content, and there was plenty of help with the exercises. It was a very safe environment with lots of positive reinforcement. Thank you!
Lisa D. – Denver, CO

This Basic class has already shifted my whole thought process and opened my heart to a whole other world. The class was amazing!
Lisa C. – Colorado Springs, CO

The class really pushed me to grow and get outside of my normal self!
Chnell C. - Colorado Springs, CO

Amy is an incredible and amazing teacher. Her teaching abilities are conducive to learing everything needed to be a competent ThetaHealing vessel! Thank you!
Barbara M. – Colorado Springs, CO

Amy this Basic Class was just wonderful! It was very complete, delightful, peaceful, wonderful environment. The people, instructor, and students were fabulous. More please!
Sherly S. – Colorado Springs, CO

Manifesting Class was amazing and I look forward to what is to come! These classes have changed my life in amazing ways and I continue to grow and change! Thank you!
Brad T. – Brighton, CO.

Manifesting Class was great. As always Amy is an awesome instructor tuned into each individual as well as the group, I experienced large shifts and am leaving the class with a much lighter and more open heart and energy field!
Cathy R. – Colorado Springs, CO

Certified ThetaHealer
Certified ThetaHealer