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Amy Twiss - ThetaHealing MastersAs a therapist and spiritual being, I am continually searching for and open to teachings and techniques that skyrocket my growth and expansion as well as the growth and health of my clients. ThetaHealing® has changed my life and the lives of my clients in multiple ways. Reading Vianna Stibal’s book “ThetaHealing” and attending a Basic ThetaHealing class gave me effective new tools to identify and change lifelong patterns and struggles that were held in place by my core, genetic, historic and soul beliefs. My intuitive skills became extremely clear and began to expand to all senses! As I began to use ThetaHealing in my sessions many of my clients were inspired and asked to receive training so they could work on themselves more consistently. ThetaHealing blesses me in many ways, but allowing witness to instant healings in clients and occasionally their animals has been by far the most rewarding. To receive feedback that you have changed someone’s life profoundly is a humbling experience and the reason I have chosen to complete my Master certification.

Vianna Stibal and Amy TwissVianna Stibal developed the ThetaHealing technique after she was able to rid herself of cancer and heal the leg that had been destroyed by it. She designed ThetaHealing as a step by step guide to develop the ability to change on every level: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually by slowing down the brain waves and moving into a Theta brain wave state then connecting to the energy of Creator of All That Is. This connection allows belief and feeling work to be transformed on all four levels; Core, Soul, History and Genetic. It is a little like computer programming, you pull out the programs that are no longer serving you and install programs that enhance your growth, health and life. By changing your beliefs you effectively change your thinking and feelings, what you attract, your health and physical body, and are able to live from a place of empowerment. The empowerment comes from the ability to instantly remove negative emotions, feelings and thoughts and replace them with positive and beneficial emotions, feelings and thoughts at the very moment you recognize them.

The Theta state, a deep meditative state, combined with the connection to the energy of Creator of All That Is creates the space for instant healings and manifestations, as well as effective communication and work with guides and angels. Being in the Theta state enhances your health as well as develops the frontal lobe of the brain. As the frontal lobe develops from more frequent use the intuitive abilities are enhanced. The psychic centers are opened in the Basic class and continue to open more fully bringing balance and clarity between the different intuitive senses. It is amazing to watch ThetaHealing transform lives in so many ways and I am excited to see where it takes me and the many lives that have been touched!

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Love & Light,
Amy J. Twiss, M.S.
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Master ThetaHealer and Instructor

Certified ThetaHealer
Certified ThetaHealer