Amy Twiss Certified ThetaHealer

Amy J. Twiss, MS, LPC

Skilled Professional Therapist, Accomplished NET Practitioner,
Master ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Teacher with Powerful Intuitive and Clairvoyant Skills

Amy J. Twiss is a Skilled Professional Therapist, Accomplished NET Practitioner, Master ThetaHealing Practitioner and Teacher incorporating innate, powerful, intuitive and clairvoyant skills into her work since beginning her practice in 1995.

Amy has always had a gift and a passion for connecting with others and guiding them beyond their current level, profoundly improving their life experiences. She pursued this passion by obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Counseling.

Amy worked as a therapist specializing in addictions prior to expanding into play therapy with children.

Two years into her practice Amy realized there was an important component missing. Clients would move through areas mentally, but still seemed to get stuck and fall into sabotaging patterns and behaviors. She realized there was a mind body aspect that needed to be bridged. Amy was guided to NET (neuro-emotional technique); a process of finding and releasing stuck patterns of emotion and behavior held within the organs and meridians of the body. NET allowed Amy’s clients to achieve greater and lasting results.

After specializing in NET for 8 years she was intuitively guided to ThetaHealing. ThetaHealing is a healing modality developed by Vianna Stibal that allows the practitioner to facilitate instant changes in a client’s physical body and belief systems. ThetaHealing is an energy method used to release and reprogram limiting habits, issues or beliefs as well as assist with physical and emotional healings.

Amy used these modalities to free herself from cancer, excess weight and sabotaging patterns, while creating a life of happiness, great relationships, and a career she is wildly passionate about. Amy has helped others transform their lives and attract success, abundance, joy and healing in the same way, simply by changing subconscious beliefs.

Beliefs function like computer programs, creating wealth or poverty, sickness or health, success or failure, loneliness or interconnectedness, and thereby create our daily experience of the world around us. The beliefs we hold are almost entirely beneath our conscious awareness. Some are formed during our childhood experiences, others are passed down through the morphogenic field around our DNA, and still others stem from past lives and the collective unconscious. With ThetaHealing®, you can choose your beliefs and consciously create your life. You can heal physical ailments, and reprogram yourself for abundance, success, love, happiness, and anything else you can imagine.

Amy is available for private sessions and phone sessions as well as all certification classes listed in class descriptions.

For more information contact Amy by phone 719-648-9355 or by using the contact form.

Certified ThetaHealer
Certified ThetaHealer